Our 3-day presentation is creative and interactive.  We engage the students in a truthful discussion about sexuality and how engaging in early sexual activity has risks. 

Although our focus is not on the negative risks, we do share the truth about pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and the emotional side effects of choosing to have sex before marriage.

We will, however,  focus on all of the great reasons to wait til marriage – and for that we don’t apologize.  We believe that waiting to have sex until you are in a life-long, committed relationship (i.e. marriage) is the best choice and one with the least risks.


Our presentation includes the following topics:

  • Goal Setting
  • Maturity and Sexual Decision Making
  • Definition of Sexual Integrity/Abstinence
  • Reasons for Sexual Activity
  • The Brain and Sex
  • The Progression of Sexual Activity
  • Levels of Intimacy
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Starting Over/Secondary Virginity

If you are looking for another perspective or just a fun 3-days that you don’t have to teach, we would be glad to partner with you.  Give us a call today!