Choices lead to Paths, & Paths lead to Destinations.

Since 2001, our Sexual Risk Avoidance program, now called Reaching Destinations, has been empowering area teenagers to make healthy relationship choices and postpone sexual activity until marriage. Reaching Destinations zooms out over the map of life to show how short-term decisions impact future goals and preferred destinations. We are now using the Relationships Under Construction curriculum with various programs we can offer—a 5-day program that is offered to 8th-12th grade classes with the possibility of 7th grade.

Our Mission

To help young people reach their greatest potential in life with fewer regrets by avoiding sexual risks that are found outside of marriage.

Relationships Under Construction
Relationships Under Construction partners with teens to guide them in character development for strong and healthy futures with those around them.
Program Values
  • We believe in the integrity of youth and their ability to make healthy decisions when equipped with the right information.
  • We believe in laying the foundation for a future that can include a healthy marriage and strong family relationships.
  • We acknowledge behaviors have consequences, so we encourage healthy decision-making, individual responsibility, and relationship education.
  • We believe in the joy of sexual intimacy. We treat sexual intimacy with respect, understanding that it is best enjoyed in its perfect time and place within marriage.
  • We believe in respect for self and others.
  • We value life and believe in the pursuit of truth.
  • We believe that the whole person is composed of moral, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social elements.